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Table 14T-68

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(Referred from LMC 14.28.280)


Required Measures to Minimize Impacts


• Direct lights away from wetland


• Locate activity that generates noise away from wetland

• If warranted, enhance existing buffer with native vegetation plantings adjacent to noise source

• For activities that generate relatively continuous, potentially disruptive noise, such as certain heavy industry or mining, establish an additional 10’ heavily vegetated buffer strip immediately adjacent to the outer wetland buffer

Toxic runoff

• Route all new, untreated runoff away from wetland while ensuring wetland is not dewatered

• Establish covenants limiting use of pesticides within 150 ft of wetland

• Apply integrated pest management

Stormwater runoff

• Retrofit stormwater detention and treatment for roads and existing adjacent development

• Prevent channelized flow from lawns that directly enters the buffer

• Use Low Intensity Development techniques (per PSAT publication on LID techniques)

Change in water regime

• Infiltrate or treat, detain, and disperse into buffer new runoff from impervious surfaces and new lawns

Pets and human disturbance

• Use privacy fencing OR plant dense vegetation to delineate buffer edge and to discourage disturbance using vegetation appropriate for the ecoregion

• Place wetland and its buffer in a separate tract or protect with a conservation easement


• Use best management practices to control dust