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The following words and phrases, when used in this chapter, have the meaning as set out in this section:

A. Community facility” or “community facilities” means stormwater control facilities or open space, park and recreation facilities, wetlands and wetland buffers, or any combination thereof;

B. Open space, park and recreation facilities” means any public facility, improvement, development, property or right or interest therein for public park, recreational, greenbelt, wetlands and wetland buffers, arboretum, athletic, historic, scenic viewpoint, aesthetic, ornamental or natural resource preservation purposes and shall include the surface land over interim common sewerage facilities;

C. Planned unit development” includes planned residential developments in accordance with Chapter 16.60 LMC and similar developments of a nonresidential nature;

D. Stormwater control facilities” means a constructed component of a stormwater drainage system designed or constructed to perform a particular function, or multiple functions. Stormwater control facilities include, but are not limited to, pipes, swales, ditches, culverts, street gutters, detention ponds, retention ponds, constructed wetlands, infiltration devices, catch basins, oil/water separators, bioretention, permeable pavement, and biofiltration swales. (Ord. 1496 §31, 2016; Ord. 1235 §1, 13, 2005).