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As established in LMC 16.84.010(C), the site plan review committee shall serve the following functions related to community facilities:

A. The committee shall review the preliminary plat, short plat or binding site plan of each proposed land division and advise the hearings examiner or appropriate approval authority as to whether the community facilities proposed in said land division are acceptable for inclusion within a community facilities district; what changes, if any, will be necessary to make the proposed facilities acceptable for inclusion; and any additional facilities which should be constructed or reserved within the subdivision for inclusion in a community facilities district;

B. The site plan review committee shall solicit comments from the appropriate city department with expertise regarding the proposed community facility during their review;

C. The committee shall review all applications from homeowners’ associations or a majority of the lot owners in subdivisions which existed prior to July 8, 1979, for the inclusion of community facilities within said subdivisions in a community facilities district and recommend to the city council whether or not such facilities should be accepted by the city for inclusion in a community facilities district;

D. The committee shall, subject to the legislative policy of the city council and the administrative policy of the city manager, make all necessary decisions regarding existing community facilities districts, including, but not limited to, the frequency and amount of maintenance required for said facilities, the improvement or expansion of said facilities, and the recommended rates and charges to be paid by the property owners within said districts for the costs of such maintenance, operation and improvement. (Ord. 1520 §70, 2017; Ord. 1235 §1, 13, 2005).