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A. Review Required. No person shall change the use, construct any new building or structure, or reconstruct, alter, restore, remodel, repair, move, or demolish any existing property on the register or within an historic district on the register without review by the commission and without receipt of a certificate of appropriateness as a result of the review. The review (maximum of thirty days from receipt of request for certificate of appropriateness) shall apply to all features of the property, interior and exterior, that contribute to its designation, and are listed on the nomination form. This section shall have no application to ordinary repair and maintenance, including painting, nor to emergency measures defined in LMC 16.53.020. Information required by the commission to review the proposed changes shall be established in rules of the commission.

B. Exemptions. The following activities do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness or review by the commission: ordinary repair and maintenance, painting, and/or emergency repairs defined in LMC 16.52.020.

C. Review Process.

1. The building or zoning official shall report any application for a permit to work on a designated Lacey register property or in Lacey Register Historic District to the commission, who shall notify the applicant of the commission review requirements. The building or zoning official shall not issue any such permit, but continue to process such application and work with the commission in considering building and fire code requirements. The commission shall review the work and make a recommendation to the building or zoning official prior to granting a permit. Any conditions voluntarily agreed to by the applicant in this review shall become conditions of approval of the permits granted.

2. The owner or his/her agent (architect, contractor, lessee, etc.) shall apply to the commission for a review of proposed changes on a register property or within a register historic district, and request a Certificate of Appropriateness or, in the case of demolition, a waiver.

3. Each application for review of proposed changes shall be accompanied by such information as is required by the commission establishing in its rules for the proper review of the proposed project.

4. The commission shall meet with the applicant and review the proposed work according to the design review criteria established in the rules. The commission shall complete its review and make its recommendations within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of receipt of the application. Unless legally required, there shall be no notice, posting, or publication requirements for action on the application, but all such actions shall be made at regular meetings of the commission. The commission’s recommendations shall be in writing and shall state the findings of fact and reasons relied upon in reaching its decision. Any conditions agreed to by the applicant in this review process shall become conditions of approval of the permits granted. The Commission’s recommendations and, if awarded, the Certificate of Appropriateness shall be transmitted to the building official. If the owner agrees to the commission’s recommendations, a certificate of appropriateness shall be awarded by the commission according to standards established in rules of the commission.

5. A Waiver of the Certificate of Appropriateness is required before a permit may be issued to allow sole or partial demolition of a designated Lacey Register Historic property or in a Lacey Register Historic District. The owner or his/her agent shall apply to the commission for a review of the proposed demolition and request a waiver. The applicant shall meet with the commission in an attempt to find alternatives to demolition. These negotiations may last no longer than 45 calendar days from the initial meeting of the commission, unless either party requests an extension. If no request is made and no alternative to demolition has been agreed to, the commission shall act and advise the official in charge of issuing a demolition permit of the approval or denial of the waiver of a Certificate of Appropriateness. Conditions in the case of granting a demolition permit may include allowing the commission up to 45 additional calendar days to develop alternatives to demolition. When issuing a waiver the board may require the owner to mitigate the loss of the Lacey Historic Register property by means determined by the commission at the meeting. Any conditions agreed to by the applicant in this review process shall become conditions of approval of the permits granted. After the property is demolished, the commission shall initiate removal of the property from the register. (Ord. 1370 §3, 2011; Ord. 796 §6, 1986).