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1 Editor’s Note: The following sections were added to the end of Ordinance 1307, passed by the Lacey City Council on April 24, 2008. Section 6: Emergency Shelters. The provisions of this Ordinance shall not apply to emergency or cold weather shelters where the screening of individuals to be temporarily housed in such shelters is conducted by the Emergency Shelter Network or a religious organization providing the emergency shelter. Section 7: Severability. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase, or other portion of this Ordinance, or its application to any person, is for any reason declared invalid in whole or in part by any court or agency of competent jurisdiction, said decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions hereof. Section 8: Longevity. This ordinance shall be in effect for a duration of one year after adoption and shall terminate thereafter. Prior to termination the Council may decide to review the effectiveness of this ordinance in providing an alternative temporary housing opportunity for the homeless population. The Council may utilize the tracking information provided pursuant to LMC 16.64.020(E) in this review. Based upon the Council’s review it may decide to continue this ordinance and re-adopt it or let it expire.