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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 644 Authorizing application for funding assistance for aquatic land enhancement account project to department of natural resources. 6/8/1989 Special
Res. 643 Declaring intention to improve certain areas through ULID 11 - includes Exhibits A and B. 4/27/1989 Special
Res. 642 Relating to revisions to the Shoreline Master Program for the Thurston region. 4/27/1989 Special
Res. 641 Authorizing the construction of Public Library facility and authorizing application for a library services and construction account, Title II Construction Grant. 4/11/1989 Special
Res. 640 Decreasing the speed limit on a portion of Ruddell Road from 40 MPH to 35 MPH. 3/9/1989 Special
Ord. 859 Amending Zoning code of city in order to specify parking requirement appropriate for regional shopping centers by amending Section 16.92.030 E.4 of LMC. 2/25/1989 Codified
Ord. 858 Providing for the improvement of certain area by the construction and installation of sanitary sewer system, including a necessary sewer interceptor, all pursuant to resolution 643; ordering formation of ULID 11 and providing for cost of improvements by special assessments upon property of said district specially benefited by said improvements. 5/25/1989 Special
Ord. 857 Authorizing and directing the City Attorney to purchase and/or institute and prosecute to determination under the right of eminent domain for the condemnation and acquisition in fee simple of certain lands and property for the purpose of construction of storm water treatment facility for the Pacific Avenue Woodland Creek outfall and providing for payment of said lands and property from the City’s storm water utility fund and from grant funds administered by the Washington State Dept of Ecology. 4/27/1989 Special
Ord. 856 Amending the zoning ordinance of the City in RZ-89-01 (Garoutte). 4/27/1989 Special
Ord. 855 Increasing water service charge to make adequate provision for groundwater management. 3/23/1989 Codified
Ord. 854 Relating to sewerage rates, amending the definition of equivalent residential unit. 3/23/1989 Codified
Res. 639 Adopting City policy for Lacey Community Improvement Grant Program. 2/9/1989 Special
Ord. 853 Amending Ordinance 840, correcting legal description of annexed property. 2/9/1989 Special
Ord. 852 Amending Zoning Code; Section 16.41.020 relating to Permitted Uses in Business Park Zone. 2/9/1989 Codified
Ord. 851 Annexing 463.05 Acres in the Marvin Road/Hogum Bay Road vicinity. 2/9/1989 Special
Res. 638 Supporting continuation of .06% real estate excise tax designed for preservation projects. 1/12/1989 Special
Res. 637 Approving LOTT Intergovernmental Agreement amending 1976 Agreement. 1/3/1989 Special
Res. 636 Transferring funds from LOTT Phase I Study Account to Reserve Capacity and Coverage Account. 12/15/1988 Special
Res. 635 Transferring LOTT Reserve Capacity and Coverage Account funds to LOTT Phase I Construction Account. 12/15/1988 Special
Res. 634 Adopting the General Fund Capital Improvement Plan. 12/15/1988 Special
Ord. 850 Extending reduced Gambling Tax Rate from 5% to 4%. 12/15/1988 Codified
Ord. 849 Amending Ordinance 686. 12/15/1988 Special
Ord. 848 Amending the 1988 Budget. 12/15/1988 Special
Res. 633 Adopting City's Urban Beautification Plan, extending street tree program. 12/1/1988 Special
Ord. 847 Adopting 1989 Budget. 12/1/1988 Special