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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 18 Participate in Civil Defense. 8/3/1967 Special
Res. 17 Establishing Contract with Puget Power to install street lights. 7/20/1967 Special
Res. 16 Joining the Association of Washington Cities. 7/20/1967 Special
Res. 15 Adopting planning procedures. 7/6/1967 Special
Res. 14 Accepting offer of rental of a building serving as Lacey City Hall and Police Department. 6/8/1967 Special
Res. 13 Empowering Mayor Homann to appoint an Insurance Broker. 6/1/1967 Special
Res. 12 Establishing a $50.00 petty cash fund for the Police Department. 5/18/1967 Special
Res. 11 Using Olympia State Bank and Trust Company as depository for Lacey Police Court. 5/4/1967 Special
Res. 10 Publication of Ordinances. 4/29/1967 Special
Res. 9 Petition for annexation of territory called Thompson Place. 4/1/1967 Special
Res. 8 Establishing rules of conduct for Council meetings. 3/16/1967 Special
Res. 7 Providing for hiring and paying of Deputy Clerk, and establishment of office hours. Special
Res. 6 Proposal of incorporation as a third class city. 1/27/1967 Special
Res. 5 Establishing a petty cash fund of $50.00 2/2/1967 Special
Res. 4 Adopting a temporary emergency budget for the year 1967. 1/19/1967 Special
Res. 3 Using Olympia State Bank and Trust Company as a depository. 12/13/1966 Special
Res. 2 Amending Resolution 1 for reduction of City limits. 12/13/1966 Special
Res. 1 Approving petitions for reduction of City limits and a special election to be held on 02-14-67. 12/13/1966 Special