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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 912 Adopting Wetlands Protection as a new chapter 14.28 of LMC. 7/25/1991 Codified
Res. 679 Declaring certain land to be surplus to the needs of the City and authorizing the sale of said lands to C.Y. Cundy and the modification of a lease for an easement crossing City property. 6/25/1991 Special
Res. 678 Adopting the revised six year Transportation Improvement Program. 6/25/1991 Special
Res. 677 Applying to the State of Washington for a Community Development Block Grant Planning-Only, for Advanced Planning Activities. 6/25/1991 Special
Ord. 911 Adopting “Drainage Design and Erosion control Manual for Thurston Region Washington”; declaring effective date. 6/13/1991 Special
Ord. 910 Relating to controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, legend drugs and steroids; repealing chapter 9.44, adopting new 9.44 LMC. 6/13/1991 Codified
Ord. 909 Regulating the sale, possession and use of fireworks; repealing sections, adding new sections, and amending sections of LMC. 6/13/1991 Codified
Ord. 908 Vacating portion of 17th Avenue SE. 6/13/1991 Special
Res. 676 Setting a hearing date for vacation of a portion of 17th Avenue SE. 5/9/1991 Special
Res. 675 Supports the Master Plan for the Capitol of the State and urges the State Capitol Committee to approve the Plan. 4/25/1991 Special
Ord. 907 Requiring licensing and regulation of the operation of Pet Shops and adding new chapter 5.42 to the LMC. 4/25/1991 Codified
Ord. 906 Annexing territory to the City, 54th Avenue/Rumac Road vicinity. 4/25/1991 Special
Res. 674 Authorizing applications for funding assistance for an outdoor recreation project to the IAC for purchasing 70.7 acres for a park. 4/11/1991 Special
Ord. 905 Relating to the licensing of bicycles, amending section 10 of LMC. 3/28/1991 Codified
Ord. 904 Relating to tree and vegetation protection and preservation and modifying chapter 14.32 of LMC. 3/14/1991 Codified
Res. 673 Adopting the Moderate Risk Waste Plan of Thurston County for the City. 2/28/1991 Special
Res. 672 Adopting the Capital Improvement Plan for 1991 through 1995. 1/24/1991 Special
Ord. 903 Annexing territory to the city; Ruddell Road SE/Yelm Highway vicinity. 1/10/1991 Special
Res. 671 Authorizing an interfund loan from the Equipment Rental Fund and the Information Management Fund to the Park and Open Space Fund to facilitate the payment for the purchase of the 45th Avenue Park Land. 12/20/1990 Special
Ord. 902 Amending Section 16.24.020 of the LMC to allow churches and monasteries by the Conditional Use Permit within sub-areas 1 through 7 of the Central Business District Zone. 12/20/1990 Codified
Ord. 901 Relating to the moving of buildings and amending Section 12.14.030 of the LMC. 12/20/1990 Codified
Ord. 900 Adopting the annual budget of the City for 1991 fiscal year. 12/20/1990 Special
Res. 670 Approving an official statement; accepting a proposal for the purchase of LID 13 bond anticipation notes in the principal amount of $1,300,000.00 and fixing the interest rate on such notes. 12/10/1990 Special
Res. 669 Accepting the resignation of Lehman Brothers as financial advisor with respect to the sale and issuance of water and sewer revenue bond anticipation notes for ULID 11 and 14 in the principal amount of $3,565,00.00; accepting a proposal of Lehman Brothers to purchase and underwrite notes and fixing the interest rates on notes. 12/10/1990 Special
Ord. 899 Authorizing the sale of water and sewer utility revenue bond anticipation notes Ordinance 896 for ULID 11 and 14 by negotiated sale; accepting the resignation of Lehman Brothers as financial advisor with respect to such notes; ratifying the sale of notes to Lehman Brothers; and amending Ordinance 896. 12/10/1990 Special