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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 664 Declaring the intention of the Council to improve a certain area of land by construction and installation of a water distribution system and sanitary sewer collection system and by doing all work necessary in connection therewith, and fixing a time, date and place of hearing on this Resolution of Intention ULID 14. 6/28/1990 Special
Res. 663 Authorizing for funding assistance for an outdoor recreation project to the Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation as provided by the Marine Recreation Act. 6/28/1990 Special
Res. 662-A Supporting Thurston County's application for funding for an outdoor recreation to the Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation. 6/28/1990 Special
Ord. 888 Relating to the sale of surplus property and unclaimed property in the city, amending Section 2.72.080, repealing Section 2.76.020 and enacting a new section 2.76.020. 6/28/1990 Codified
Ord. 887 Providing for the improvement of certain areas within the city by the construction and installation of streets and street improvements, traffic signals, drainage, water distribution facilities and sanitary sewer collection facilities therein and by doing all other work required in connection with such improvements; ordering the formation of LID 13 and providing for the payment of the cost of said district specially benefited by said improvements. 6/28/1990 Special
Res. 662 Declaring the intention of the City to improve a certain area of land by the construction and installation of streets and street improvements, traffic signals, drainage, water distribution facilities and sanitary sewer collection facilities by doing all work necessary in connection therewith, and fixing a time, date and place for a hearing on the resolution of intention LID 13. 5/24/1990 Special
Res. 661 Amending the Land Use element of the Lacey Comprehensive Plan within the southern portion of the City from medium Density Residential to Low Density Residential. 4/26/1990 Special
Ord. 886 Adopting new storm and surface water utility charges, amending Section 13.70.020, repealing Section 13.70.303 and adopting new Section 13.70.030 and 13.70.035 of the LMC. 4/26/1990 Codified
Ord. 885 Amending the Zoning Ordinance of the City by amending the Zoning Map to change the land use designation of a portion of the City from Zone District Medium Density Residential to Zone District Low Density Residential and Declaring an Emergency. 4/26/1990 Special
Ord. 884 Annexing territory to the City (Northeast Annexation --Marvin Road and Martin Way Vicinity), establishing the basis upon which properties within said territory shall be taxed for purposes of the City’s, and establishing the zoning designations to apply to said property upon the effective date of annexation. 4/26/1990 Special
Res. 660 Awarding the bid for construction of the Lacey Timberland Library. 3/22/1990 Special
Res. 659 Adopting an amended Lacey Fee Schedule. 3/8/1990 Special
Ord. 883 Granting a franchise to TCI Cablevision to operate and maintain a cable communications system in the City; setting conditions accompanying the grant of franchise; providing regulation of the cable system; prescribing penalties for violation of the franchise provisions. 3/8/1990 Special
Ord. 882 Amending the standards for Energy Efficient Buildings to modify the rating of windows and amending Section 14.09.010 of LMC. 2/22/1990 Special
Ord. 881 Relating to the Space Requirements and Conditions for Residential Developments within the City, adding new Sections 16.15.090, 16.16.090, and 16.18.090, and amending Sections 15.10.060 and 16.60.140A of LMC. 2/22/1990 Codified
Ord. 880 Authorizing the City Attorney on behalf of the City to obtain Easements under the right of Eminent Domain for the purpose of sewerage lines, to be paid out of the ULID 11 fund or other funds. 2/22/1990 Special
Ord. 879 Providing for Blanket Faithful Performance Bonds instead of Individual ones and amending Section 2.26.010 of LMC. 2/22/1990 Codified
Res. 658 Adopting the Lacey Fee Schedule requiring that certain fees, charges and bonding requirements and penalties for failure to pay said fees and charges are established. 2/8/1990 Special
Ord. 878 Relating to license fees for private patrol services and amending Section 5.22.060 LMC. 2/8/1990 Special
Ord. 877 Relating to building sewers, side sewers, interim sewerage facilities and connection charges for City water service, amending Chapter 13 LMC. 2/8/1990 Codified
Ord. 876 Relating to the use of the public right of way, utility location standards and sidewalk curb and gutter construction; adding and amending sections within Chapter 12 LMC. 2/8/1990 Codified
Ord. 875 Relating to codes and regulations of the City governing building and construction activities and repealing, adding to and amending certain portions of Title 14 LMC. 2/8/1990 Codified
Ord. 874 Increasing the basic sewer service charge to provide funds for treatment plant facilities and local collection costs amending Section 13.16.060. (LOTT). 1/25/1990 Codified
Ord. 873 Requiring energy efficiency and observation of conservation standards in the construction of new buildings, amending Section 14.09.101 and adding new sections to 14.09 LMC. 1/25/1990 Special
Res. 657 Declaring a single source and approving a contract for water system telemetry improvements. 12/21/1989 Special