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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 656 Amending the Lacey Policy for comprehensive development and the Lacey development plan land use and circulation elements by the addition of a downtown element. 12/21/1989 Special
Ord. 872 Authorizing and directing the City Attorney an action for the condemnation and acquisition of an easement over and through property for the purpose of constructing a sewer line. 12/21/1989 Special
Ord. 871 Adding a new Central Business District Zone, New Landscaping requirements, new definitions to the zoning code of the City by repealing Chapter 16.24 and 16.80 and several new sections to Chapter 16.06 all of the LMC and changing the current land designation of certain property within the city by amending the land use map adopted by Ordinances 583 and 745. 12/21/1989 Codified
Res. 655 Establishing policy relating to permitted densities on shoreline parcels within the City. 12/7/1989 Special
Ord. 870 Amending the 1989 budget adopted by Ordinance 847 by revising budgeted amounts. 12/7/1989 Special
Ord. 869 An increase in the tax upon public utility businesses and dedicating a part of the revenues received for parks and open space purposes, and amending Section 3.01.040 of the LMC and adding a new Section 3.01.110 to the Code. 12/7/1989 Codified
Ord. 868 Adopting the annual budget for 1990. 12/7/1989 Special
Ord. 867 Improvement of water system on Afflerbaugh and creating ULID 12 for improvements. 12/7/1989 Special
Res. 654 Adopting the Comprehensive Plan for Outdoor Recreation. 11/16/1989 Special
Ord. 866 Amending Sections 4 and 9 and subsection 10 (C) of Ordinance 863. 11/2/1989 Special
Ord. 865 Fixing the amount of the Ad Valorem Tax Levies necessary to raise the amount of the estimated expenditures, less the estimated revenue from sources other than Ad Valorem Taxation for the General Fund and for the payment of principal and interest upon the General Bonded indebtedness of the City for the fiscal year 1990; to levy the annual Ad Valorem Taxes of the City for the fiscal year 1990 and appropriating same to certain funds for certain purposes. 11/2/1989 Special
Ord. 864 Relating to the residency qualifications of Civil Service Commissioners and amending Section 2.52.040 of LMC. 11/2/1989 Codified
Res. 653 Declaring the intention of the City Council to improve a certain area of land by the construction and installation of a water distribution system and by doing all work necessary in connection therewith, and fixing a time, date and place for a hearing on this resolution of intention ULID 12. (Afflerbaugh). 10/26/1989 Special
Res. 652 Expressing support for the efforts of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition. 10/26/1989 Special
Res. 651 Adopting a revised fee schedule for Licensing of Animals. 10/26/1989 Special
Res. 650 Accepting proposal for the purchase of water and sewer bonds for $3,300,000.00 for the North Lacey Sewer Interceptor construction. 10/12/1989 Special
Ord. 863 Water and Sewer Utility revenue Bonds for $3,300,000.00 for North Lacey Sewer Interceptor. 9/28/1989 Special
Res. 649 Approving official statement; accepting proposal for purchase of limited tax general obligation bonds of City in principal amount of $1,540,000.00; and fixing interest rates on such bonds. 8/24/1989 Special
Ord. 862 Amending Sections 12.08.010,12.08.020 and 12.08.030 of LMC as they relate to classifications of streets. 8/24/1989 Special
Res. 648 Adopting revised six year transportation improvement program for City of Lacey. 7/27/1989 Special
Res. 647 Relating to revisions to shoreline master program for Thurston region. 7/28/1989 Special
Res. 646 Adopting general sewer plan for interceptor treatment and disposal systems and comprehensive sanitary sewer plan for city of Lacey as City's general sewer plan. 7/27/1989 Special
Res. 645 Adopting amended investment policy which included long term revenue increase as part of its emphasis. 7/27/1989 Special
Ord. 861 Modifying the city’s regulations regarding prevention of flood damage and construction within flood hazard areas by repealing chapter 14.34 of LMC and adopting new chapter 14.34 to said code (attached is summary for publication). 7/27/1989 Codified
Ord. 860 Authorizing construction of library building and acquisition of fire safety vehicle; authorizing issuance and sale of $1,540,00.00 of limited tax general obligation bonds; specifying date, terms, maturities and form thereof; creating special bond redemption fund; pledging to pay principal and interest on bonds from regular tax levies; and authorizing the Finance director to seek proposals for purchase of such bonds. 7/7/1989 Special