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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 54 Amending Ordinance 6 relating to the issuance of permits for the construction or alteration of buildings or structures. 8/3/1967 Special
Ord. 53 Relating to the City Attorney; providing for the appointment of an Assistant City Attorney; and amending Ordinance 12. 8/3/1967 Codified
Ord. 52 Providing for the licensing for revenue and regulation of machines, and/or devices for playing games of skill; providing penalties for violation. 8/3/1967 Codified
Ord. 51 Relating to Motor Vehicles; prescribing licensing requirements for Operators of Motorcycles and Motor-Driven cycles; prescribing equipment for motor cycles and motor-driven cycles and operators and riders thereof. 8/3/1967 Special
Ord. 50 Relating to the Office of Mayor; fixing compensation to be paid the Mayor and amending Ordinance 9. 7/20/1967 Special
Ord. 49 Emergency Funds for the Lacey Municipal Court and amending Ordinance 26 to provide an additional sum for bookkeeping and/or clerical expenses. 7/20/1967 Special
Ord. 48 Constructing and/or paving of any parking area abutting upon a public street within the corporate limits of the City of Lacey and access thereto except single family residences. 7/20/1967 Special
Ord. 47 Granting Puget Sound Power and Light, its successor and assigns, the right, privilege, Authority and Franchise to set, erect, construct and maintain poles and wires etc. 7/20/1967 Special
Ord. 46 Registration of convicted criminals, providing procedure for registration, exceptions, defining offenses; and providing penalties. 7/20/1967 Special
Ord. 45 Relating to License Registration Certificate, Endorsement, Attachment to Vehicle. 7/20/1967 Special
Ord. 44 Providing Emergency Funds for Police Department. 6/15/1967 Special
Ord. 43 Licensing of Mechanical Music Machine. 6/15/1967 Codified
Ord. 42 Establishing a curfew, relating to minors and their parents, defining offenses, providing exceptions and providing penalties. 6/15/1967 Special
Ord. 41 Annexation of Real Property - Shultz. 6/6/1967 Special
Ord. 40 Adopting Emergency Budget. 5/18/1967 Special
Ord. 39 Providing for the appointment of the City Clerk, establishing procedure and providing for compensation. 5/18/1967 Special
Ord. 38 Restrictions on the Sale of Fireworks. 5/18/1967 Special
Ord. 37 Annexing the Floyd-Andrews Property. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 36 Possession and consumption of Liquor. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 35 Relating to Driver Licensing. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 34 Sale or Furnishing of Cigarettes to Minors. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 33 Defrauding of Hotels and Restaurants. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 32 Petit Larceny. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 31 Larceny by Check. 5/4/1967 Special
Ord. 30 Damage Claims Procedures. 4/20/1967 Codified