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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 15 Federal Social Security Act. 2/16/1967 Codified
Ord. 14 Licensing of Coin Operating Amusement Devices. 2/2/1967 Special
Ord. 13 Regulating Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles. 2/2/1967 Special
Ord. 12 Compensation for the City Attorney. 2/2/1967 Codified
Ord. 11 Compensation for the City Clerk. 2/2/1967 Special
Ord. 10 Compensation for the Treasurer. 2/2/1967 Special
Ord. 09 Compensation for the Mayor. 2/2/1967 Special
Ord. 08 Compensation for City Councilmen. 1/19/1967 Special
Ord. 07 Creating a City Planning Commission. 1/19/1967 Codified
Ord. 06 Adoption of the Uniform Building Code. 1/19/1967 Special
Ord. 05 Prescribing the method of Publication of Ordinances. 1/19/1967 Special
Ord. 04 Fixing time and place of meetings of the City Council. 1/19/1967 Special
Ord. 03 Adopting the Uniform Fire Prevention Code. 1/19/1967 Special
Ord. 02 Adopting an Emergency Budget. 1/19/1967 Special
Ord. 01 Declaring the Incorporation of Lacey and Election of Officers. 1/19/1967 Special