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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 829 Regarding income level necessary to qualify for senior and disabled utility discounts. 3/10/1988 Codified
Ord. 828 Creating an imprest petty cash fund and drug investigative fund. 3/10/1988 Repealed by 1578
Res. 624 Authorizing procedures for securing telephone or written quotes for vendors for purchases. 2/25/1988 Special
Res. 623 Authorizing professional services agreement - Carpenter Road Ruddell Road waterlines. 2/25/1988 Special
Res. 622 Approving proposed amendments to interlocal agreement creating WCIA. 2/25/1988 Special
Ord. 827 Regarding purchase of supplies, material, equipment or services. 2/25/1988 Codified
Ord. 826 Removing infestation of trees with tent caterpillars from list of nuisances. 2/11/1988 Codified
Ord. 825 Requiring anchoring systems for installation of mobile homes. 2/11/1988 Codified
Ord. 824 Clarifying signature requirements on final subdivision plats. 2/11/1988 Special
Ord. 823 Increasing amount of bond or security to be posted (subdivision improvements). 2/11/1988 Special
Res. 621 Designating Thurston County Fire District 3 as Hazardous Materials Incident Command Agency. 1/28/1988 Special
Ord. 822 Relating to dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs. 1/28/1988 Special
Res. 620 Relating to the organization and procedures of the City Council. 1/14/1988 Special
Ord. 821 Designating The Olympian as the City’s Official Newspaper. 1/14/1988 Codified
Ord. 820 Relating to the billing and payment of city utility charges (monthly billing). 1/14/1988 Codified
Ord. 819 Amending Ordinance 811 annexing territory into the City. 1/12/1988 Special
Ord. 818 Amending the 1987 fiscal year budget regarding Fire District #3 contract. 12/30/1987 Special
Ord. 817 Relating to location of awnings and signage thereon, amending zoning ordinance. 12/3/1987 Codified
Ord. 816 Relating to the regulation of for-hire vehicles (taxicabs, limousines). 12/3/1987 Special
Ord. 815 Fixing ad valorem tax levies and levying fiscal year 1988 ad valorem taxes. 12/3/1987 Special
Ord. 814 Adopting fiscal year 1988 annual budget. 12/3/1987 Special
Ord. 813 Establishing interlocal drug enforcement fund. 11/19/1987 Repealed by 1578
Ord. 812 Amending the fiscal year 1987 budget. 11/19/1987 Special
Ord. 811 Annexing territory to the City (SW corner of Yelm Highway and Rainier Road). 11/19/1987 Special
Res. 619 Adopting the Memorandum of Understanding : An Urban Growth Management Agreement - UGM. 11/5/1987 Special