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If there exists or should arise a conflict between the provisions or interpretations of the various construction and life safety codes adopted in those chapters of this title preceding this chapter, the provisions of Chapter 14.04 LMC shall prevail, and any sections or provisions of other codes in conflict therewith shall be considered to be amended to be in conformity with Chapter 14.04 LMC, provided, however, that in case of conflict between the ventilation requirements of Chapter 12 of the International Building Code and the ventilation requirements of the city’s energy code contained in Chapter 14.09 LMC, said Chapter 14.09 LMC shall govern and in case of conflict between the duct insulation requirements of Section 605 of the International Mechanical Code and the duct insulation requirements of Chapter 14.09 LMC, the provisions of Chapter 14.09 LMC shall govern. (Ord. 1208 §49, 50, 2003; Ord. 1014 §24, 1995; Ord. 875 §13 (part), 1990).