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A. Site plan review and approval shall be required for any of the following activities:

1. The use of land for the location of any commercial, industrial or public building or activity, and for the location of any building containing more than two dwelling units or lot with more than one residential structure other than a permitted accessory dwelling.

2. A change of land use at an existing site or structure when the new activity requires either a change of occupancy according to the Building Code or is a change of land use according to the Standard Industrial Classification code and, in the opinion of the community and economic development director, results in an intensification of land use and will require new development conditions to comply with existing regulations. This provision may not apply to malls (buildings with ten or more tenants sharing common parking) where original conditions to establish the mall complex anticipated a range of tenants and existing facilities and where it can be shown existing infrastructure can accommodate the new intensified use.

3. Expansion of an existing commercial, industrial, public or multifamily structure or use. Provided residential duplexes are exempt.

4. A remodel of an existing structure where the remodel is fifty percent or more of the assessed valuation of existing structures. The remodel value shall be calculated according to methodology described in Chapter 14.04 LMC adopting the Building Code. The value of existing structures shall be the most recent value assigned by the county assessor. The fifty percent threshold shall be cumulative over the most recent five years, including calculations of all previously exempt remodels, but shall not include life/safety improvements or normal maintenance not requiring a building permit. Remodels of residential duplex, triplex, and quadraplex shall be exempt from site plan review.

5. Uses and activities within designated environmentally sensitive areas or their buffers pursuant to the requirements of LMC Title 14.

B. An application, in completed form, shall be filed for site plan review and approval with the department of community and economic development. An application shall not be in completed form under this section if it fails to contain any of the information and material required under LMC 16.84.060.

C. The site plan review committee shall consist of the following members: Lacey staff planner, who shall serve as chairman; city manager; and the city director of public works, or their designees in their temporary absence. (Ord. 1539 §132, 2019; Ord. 1220 §55, 2004; Ord. 1208 §74, 2003; Ord. 1192 §187, 2002; Ord. 1154 §18, 2001; Ord. 1098 §19(C), 1999; Ord. 1080 §16, 1998; Ord. 1044 §28, 1996; Ord. 912 §14, 1991; Ord. 583 §2.03(A) (part), 1980).