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The historical commission shall have the power and it shall be its duty, subject to such rules and regulations as may from time to time be prescribed by ordinance:

A. To adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for its own guidance and for the government of the commission as it deems expedient;

B. To adopt policies and procedures for the operation of the Lacey museum and related activities;

C. To have the supervision, in partnership with the museum curator, of all property of the city or loaned to the city which is of historical relevance, including artifacts, collections, photographs, slides, news clippings, literature and any other pertinent matter, inclusive of rooms or buildings constructed, leased or set apart therefore;

D. To accept such gifts of money or property for historical preservation and historical purposes as are approved by the city council and as it deems expedient and allow for said items to become available from the museum records;

E. To work in partnership with a local historical society within the community, and provide leadership as necessary;

F. To be advisory to the city council in its determination of historically relevant matters of consideration in the city planning process;

G. To provide and make available for public use through the Lacey museum, historical services and information about the city to any agency, council, organization or person requesting such;

H. To determine and develop, in partnership with the museum curator, an ongoing method of collecting and maintaining information of historical relevance of the continuing history of the city;

I. To conduct research and initiate publication of any significant findings of such research;

J. To encourage donations of historically related materials to the city;

K. To disseminate historical information to the public and local news media.

L. To form ad hoc committees consisting of commissioners, members of the Lacey historical society and citizens of Lacey, whose membership, roles, duties and responsibilities shall be approved by the commission. (Ord. 1349 §3, 2010; Ord. 531 §1 (part), 1979).