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A. Approval. The administrator may approve an application if he or she finds that:

1. The owner has complied with all of the requirements of this section, including but not limited to the project eligibility requirements contained in this chapter and the applicable requirements contained within the Lacey Municipal Code; and

2. The proposed project is, or will be at the time of completion, in conformance with all approved plans, and all applicable requirements of the Lacey Municipal Code or other applicable requirements or regulations in effect at the time the application is approved.

B. Contract Required. If the application is approved, the owner shall enter into a contract with the city, approved by the city council, regarding the terms and conditions of the project under this section.

C. Issuance of Conditional Certificate. Following council approval of the contract, the administrator shall issue a conditional certificate of acceptance of tax exemption. The conditional certificate shall expire three years from the date of council approval of the contract unless an extension is granted as provided in LMC 3.64.080.

D. Application Denial.

1. Denial. The administrator shall deny an application if the criteria in this chapter are not met. The administrator shall state in writing the reasons for the denial and send notice of denial to the owner’s last known address within ten days of the denial.

2. Appeal. The owner may appeal the administrator’s decision to the hearing examiner in accordance with Chapter 1 of the City of Lacey Development Guidelines and Public Works Standards.

E. Contract Amendment. An owner may request an amendment(s) to the contract by submitting a request in writing to the administrator, together with the required fee, any time within three years of the date of the approval of the contract as provided for in LMC 3.64.080. The date for expiration of the conditional certificate shall not be extended by contract amendment unless all the conditions for extension are met. (Ord. 1452 §1 (part), 2014).