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A. Application. Upon completion of the construction as provided in the contract between the owner and the city, the owner may request a final certificate of tax exemption. The owner shall pay all required fees and file with the administrator such information as the administrator may deem necessary or useful to evaluate eligibility for the final certificate, which shall at a minimum include:

1. A statement of expenditures made with respect to each multifamily housing unit and the total expenditures made with respect to the entire property;

2. A description of the completed work and a statement of qualification for the exemption;

3. The total monthly rent or total sale amount of each multifamily housing unit rented or sold to date;

4. The income of each renter household to date at the time of initial occupancy and the income of each initial purchaser of owner-occupied multifamily housing units to date at the time of purchase;

5. If applicable, a statement that the project meets the affordable housing requirements of this section, along with the number, type, and specific multifamily housing units rented or sold to date, as applicable, to meet the affordable housing requirements;

6. Any additional information requested by the city pursuant to meeting any reporting requirements under Chapter 84.14 RCW; and

7. A statement that the work was completed within the required three-year period or any approved extension.

B. Determination. Within thirty days of receipt of all materials required for a final certificate, the administrator shall determine whether the completed work is consistent with the contract between the city and owner, whether all or a portion of the completed work is qualified for exemption under this section and, if so, which specific improvements satisfy the requirements of this section.

C. Filing with County Assessor. For projects that comply with the requirements of this chapter, the city shall file a final certificate of tax exemption with the county assessor within ten days of the expiration of the thirty-day period provided in subsection B of this section.

D. Denial. The administrator shall notify the owner in writing that the city will not file a final certificate if: (1) the administrator determines that the project was not completed within the required three-year period or any approved extension, or was not completed in accordance with the contract between the owner and the city and the requirements of this section, or the owner’s property is otherwise not qualified for the limited exemption under this section; or (2) the owner and administrator cannot come to an agreement on the allocation of the value of the improvements allocated to the exempt portion of the project.

E. Appeal. The owner may appeal the administrator’s decision to the hearing examiner in accordance with Chapter 1 of the City of Lacey Development Guidelines and Public Works Standards. (Ord. 1452 §1 (part), 2014).