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Any person who harbors, keeps, possesses, maintains or has temporary custody of a pet animal shall be responsible for the behavior of such animal whether the person knowingly permits the behavior or not. Such person shall violate the terms of this chapter if:

A. Pet animal at large. Such person’s pet animal is at large as defined in LMC 7.04.030(D); provided, however, this section shall not prohibit the owner and pet animal from participating in an organized show or training, exercise or hunting session in locations designated and authorized for that purpose. A pet animal at large is a civil infraction.

B. Nuisance pet animal. Such person’s pet animal constitutes a nuisance pet animal as defined in LMC 7.04.030(T). Nuisance pet animal is a civil infraction.

C. Pet animal on public property. When such person’s pet animal is on public property including but not limited to a public park, beach or school ground; and

1. Not on a leash held by a person who is able to maintain physical control unless on fenced areas of public property specifically designated by the city of Lacey as not requiring a leash; or

2. Proper safeguards have not been taken to protect the public and property from injury or damage from said animal; or

3. Is in violation of additional specific restrictions which have been posted. Such restrictions shall not apply to guide dogs for the visually impaired or service animals for the physically handicapped where being off leash is necessary to the service.

Pet animal on public property is a civil infraction.

D. Injury to a person or animal. Such person’s pet animal, domestic or exotic animal causes injury to a person or animal (see also potentially dangerous dog or dangerous dog, LMC 7.04.070). Injury to a person or animal is a misdemeanor.

E. Failure to possess removal equipment or to remove fecal material. Such person:

1. Fails to possess on public property the equipment or material necessary to remove animal fecal material when accompanying a pet animal, or

2. Fails to remove animal fecal matter when accompanying an animal off the owner’s property. On public property, such person shall possess and use the equipment or material necessary to remove animal fecal material. Failure to remove fecal material is a civil infraction.

F. Failure to sterilize an adopted pet animal. Such person, when adopting a pet animal from the Animal Services shelter, fails to have the pet sterilized within the time period specified in the written agreement, unless specifically recommended by a veterinarian in writing, or in cases of verifiable placement within a governmental law enforcement agency. Failure to sterilize an adopted pet animal is a civil infraction.

G. Failure to provide humane care. Such person fails to provide a pet animal with humane care as defined in LMC 7.04.030(M). Failure to provide humane care is a misdemeanor.

H. Failure to meet terms of quarantine. Such person fails to accept or to meet the terms of a quarantine notice served pursuant to Thurston County health department regulation after an animal has bitten a human. Failure to meet terms of quarantine is a misdemeanor.

I. Menacing animal. Such person knowingly keeps or harbors any animal which engages in menacing behavior.

A violation of this section shall be deemed a civil infraction. (Ord. 1447 §3, 2014; Ord. 1256 §4, 2005; Ord. 1038 §2, 1996).